Since 2012, A&G has provided expert commercial real estate and advisory services for both healthy and distressed companies. We provide high-level problem-solving, guidance, and strategy development across every sector. Whether it’s retail stores, office buildings, industrial facilities, schools, healthcare facilities, restaurants, or supermarkets, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of every client across each sector.

Our key services include:
  • Reviewing portfolios, including valuation, due-diligence, growth benchmarks, and disposition strategies.
  • Restructuring leases and securing rent concessions.
  • Handling the sale and disposition of real estate properties.
  • Terminating leases and subleased spaces.
  • Purchasing or investing in real estate of non-core divisions of companies.
  • Real estate portfolio due diligence for acquisitions.
  • Proprietary research and benchmarking.
  • Real-time and tailored reporting.


Whether expanding or contracting locations, A&G advises on, develops, and executes the best real estate strategy for our retail clients. For nearly three decades, we’ve provided a combination of knowledge and creativity to solve the most challenging real estate issues today.


A&G is proud to guide corporate, commercial, and industrial clients as they optimize their footprint. We use deep research, advanced technology, and extensive due diligence to offer expert counsel on what the market is offering and what it will bear. Through trusted industry contacts and tactical partnerships, A&G ensures our clients achieve their real estate goals.


A&G has successfully led the transitions of a number of leading education entities as they both expanded and contracted nationally. Our team of seasoned real estate professionals are experts in the specific nuances of the education marketplace and strive to maximize value and minimize loss.


A&G has led the successful transition of a number of healthy and distressed restaurants—from small, regional operations to leading national chains. We have expanded, contracted, and restructured leases for restaurants and are proud to deliver the best possible outcomes for all.


The A&G team is comprised of grocery and drug store industry gurus with direct experience guiding successful real estate transactions for the country’s largest companies as they both expanded and contracted nationally. Our advisory services have allowed our clients to grow as brands through the utilization of maximum real estate value.


A&G helps healthcare providers maximize the productivity of their real estate portfolios. Our work in the retail sector and the not-for-profit education sector allows us to provide creative solutions to the swiftly changing healthcare industry.


A&G has experience working with a wide variety of properties. And while we are best known for advising the nation’s leading brands, we have also successfully negotiated transitions for everything from mulch farms to vacant lands to private homes. Regardless of opportunity, our team of experts is always excited to successfully complete real estate transactions of all property types.


Every day, we strive to prove to our healthy and distressed clients that their success is non-negotiable. Our goal is to surpass expectations and achieve maximum results. Our collaborative approach delivers the best possible outcome for your real estate needs.

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